Karen village



Huaygung Church The Apostle Paul, in the New Testament, was perhaps the best example of and model for a modern day missionary church planter. Paul’s ministry was apostolic. We understand this to mean that he was sent –both by God and the local church, that he had the necessary gifts required to establish churches –evangelism, teaching/training, leadership, etc., and that he was trans-local –moving to new locations once a church was established. We see his apostolic authority as being relational and not positional/authoritarian.


We therefore seek to be apostolic in our church planting. We seek to be sent both by God and also by the local church. We believe in the local church as both the place where the Great Commission is lived out and where Great Commission sending takes place. This sending involves not only acknowledgment of sufficient gifting by the church and public sending of missionaries but also partnership and support in sending.


Paul, in Philippians 1:4-5, writes of the Philippian church’s “partnership in the gospel.” We believe in this New Testament example for support of missionary gospel ministry. We therefore seek churches and individuals who would partner together in the gospel on behalf of this mission effort.

This “partnership in the gospel” includes:


  1. Agreement in vision
  2. Support through prayer and intercession
  3. Support through finances
  4. Cooperation and participation between the local church and field mission in ministry


If you desire to partner with us in the gospel to reach the Karen and other Asian peoples with the gospel, or would like to have more information, please contact us. (See Contact tab.)


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